2. Anomalies

The following units are not on the University Organization Chart but as far as we know are still valid units within the University and may or may not have University Card codes and but we currently retain the email domains.

  • beazley (@beazley.ox.ac.uk) Beazley Archive -part of Ashmolean
  • compas (@compas.ox.ac.uk) Centre for Migration, Policy and Society -part of Anthropolgy
  • confox (conference-oxford.ox.ac.uk) Conference Oxford added April 2009
  • csm (@csm.ox.ac.uk) Statistical Medicine -part of Oncology http://www.octru.ox.ac.uk/theme/csm
  • dtu (@dtu.ox.ac.uk) Diabetes Trial Unit- part of OCDEM
  • ehrc (@ehrc.ox.ac.uk) European Humanities Research Centre- part of Modern Languages
  • ethox (@ethox.ox.ac.uk) Ethox Centre- ethics and commication in health- part of Public Health
  • george (@georgecentre.ox.ac.uk) George Centre for Healthcare Innovation http://www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk/institutes/healthcare_innovation/ (Approved by PRAC Jun 2011. Sponored by CTSU)
  • geriat (@geratol.ox.ac.uk) Dept of Clinical Geratology - check numbers possible wind down.
  • imsu (@imsu.ox.ac.uk) IT support for Medical Science Division- part of Medsci
  • insis (@insis.ox.ac.uk) Institute for Science, Innovation and Society http://www.insis.ox.ac.uk/ Added Nov 2011
  • medoff( @medschool.ox.ac.uk) Medical School -part of Medsci
  • ohba (@ohba.ox.ac.uk) Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity (Added 2010)
  • ouce (@ouce.ox.ac.uk) OU Centre for the Environment. 'School of Geography' has been reinstated using the old OUCE code. @geog and @ouce maintained.
  • ouam (@ouam.ox.ac.uk )Oxford University Asset management
  • ptcri (@ptcri.ox.ac.uk) Particle Therapy Cancer Research Institute added April 2009. Managed by Physics.
  • rhodeshouse Rhodes House - what is the relationship with the University?

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