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RSS Feeds

OUCS groups operate a number of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news feeds. RSS is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other Web content. Effectively it is a distributable "What's New" for a site.

Where we are using this format you will see a small RSS Source

Figure /images/feed-icon.png [rss icon]

icon. Clicking on this icon will open the XML source of the feed. You can subscribe to any of these feeds if your browser or email client can cope with the RSS. This may require a plug-in for your browser or email client. However more and more browsers are now able to deal correctly with these feeds. Firefox for instance asks if you would like to subscribe to a feed, if you click on one of the links in the following table. Further information on how to subscribe to OUCS feeds is available for:

The OUCS RSS feeds are shown in the following table:

Channel Appears on Source of feed
OUCS News OUCS home page OUCS News Feed
OUCS Courses OUCS & LTG home pages OUCS Courses Feed
OUCS Vacancies OUCS job vacancies page OUCS Vacancies Feed
IT Support Staff Services ITS3 home page ITS3 Feed
Telecommunications News Telecommunications home page Telecommunications News
WebLearn News WebLearn WebLearn News