2. Installation Procedure - Fully Managed

If you wish to take a fully managed gateway then you should request this by emailing sysdev e.g. using following email template:
To: sysdev@it.ox.ac.uk Subject: EEM fully managed gateway request: Unit name Please supply an EEM gateway for use as follows: Contact email : it-support@unit.ox.ac.uk Gateway FQDN : eem-gateway.unit.ox.ac.uk Gateway subnet mask: /24 (or Gateway router address: Network "Unit Offices": VLAN : None Units : unit, survey Publish : yes Network "Unit IT Lab": VLAN : 15 Units : unit, survey Publish : no Thanks, IT Support for Unit
  • Gateway FQDN is the FQDN of the gateway on your network - you will need to register this DNS name
  • Gateway subnet maskis the subnet mask for the EEM gateway's IP configuration
  • Gateway router addressis the EEM gateway's local router
  • Contact email is an email address that we can use to contact the appropriate person if there is a problem with the gateway
  • One or more Network sections, with a friendly name, define the networks that this gateway should monitor. The friendly name will be used to identify the network to users on the PMM graphs.
  • VLAN is the VLAN on which the network is connected, or None if VLAN tagging is not used for this network
  • Units is a list of units whose members can view PMM graphs for this network (useful if you want to share your data with other units)
  • Publish specifies whether PMM data should be available for public viewing

Once your request has been received, IT Services will contact you to arrange a convenient installation date.

The EEM gateway will need to accept the following network connections, which may require perimeter firewall/IPS/router configuration:
  • From and/or 2001:630:440:105:0:1:0:19 to ports tcp/22 and tcp/4373

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