3. Installation Procedure - Part Managed

3.1. Vanilla Debian (wheezy) install

Please note that, as the system configuration of this host will be fully managed by IT Services, we strongly recommend that a fresh host is used, dedicated for EEM, and not used for any other purpose.

  • Host can be physical or virtual
  • Supported architectures: i386 and amd64
  • Minimum supported host specification:
    • 1GB RAM
    • 10GB disk, preferably using Debian's "separate partitions" model
    • 1 core of a contemporary Intel/AMD CPU
    • 100Mbps wired Ethernet connection
  • At least one public IP address assigned for management access
  • Any physical or VLAN networks must be connected to this host, but there is no need to have an IP address on each
  • The host will need to accept the following network connections, which may require perimeter firewall/IPS/router configuration:
    • From and/or 2001:630:440:105:0:1:0:19 to ports tcp/22 and tcp/4373

3.2. Register server

Registration is done by emailing sysdev e.g. using following email template:
To: sysdev@it.ox.ac.uk Subject: EEM gateway registration request: Unit name Please register the following EEM gateway and networks: Gateway FQDN : eem-gateway.unit.ox.ac.uk ITSS Managers : unit0001/itss, unit0017/itss Contact email : it-support@unit.ox.ac.uk Network "Unit Offices": Interface : eth0 Units : unit, survey Publish : yes Network "Unit IT Lab": Interface : eth1.15 Units : unit, survey Publish : no Thanks, ITServicesBot
  • Gateway FQDN is the FQDN of the gateway on your network
  • ITSS Managers is a list of the /itss principals of ITSS who will be setting up / managing the gateway.
  • Contact email is an email address that we can use to contact the appropriate person if there is a problem with the gateway
  • One or more Network sections, with a friendly name, define the networks that this gateway should monitor. The friendly name will be used to identify the network to users on the PMM graphs.
  • Interface is the Ethernet interface that this network is connected to on the gateway. For simple setups this will usually be eth0. VLANs must be specified individually in the ethX.VLAN format.
  • Units is a list of units whose members can view PMM graphs for this network (useful if you want to share your data with other units)
  • Publish specifies whether PMM data should be available for public viewing

Once you have sent in your registration, please wait until sysdev has processed this and replied to you before continuing with the next step.

3.3. Install EEM Components

  1. Download the EEM package signing key and add to apt keyring, configure EEM package repository and install EEM gateway for Oxford:
    # wget -O- https://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/services/eem/package-signing-key.txt | apt-key add - # echo "deb http://debian.oucs.ox.ac.uk/eem/wheezy stable general" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/eem.list # apt-get update # apt-get install eem-gateway-oxford # eem-configure
  2. Generate Kerberos keytab for host:
    # kadmin -p unit9999/itss@OX.AC.UK kadmin: ktadd -k /etc/krb5.keytab host/FQDN@OX.AC.UK kadmin: exit

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