4. Testing the Gateway

4.1. Register a workstation

Visit https://eem.ox.ac.uk/ from a workstation that has not previously been registered with the EEM service, and select Register machine.

This should take you to a registration page with the MAC address for the workstation auto-completed. Other fields may also have been completed for you. Complete the registration.

4.2. On-demand Wake-up

Power down the machine you registered above, and visit https://eem.ox.ac.uk/ from another workstation. Select Turn a machine on and click on the button for the registered workstation.

This should send a wake-up call to the registered workstation within a few seconds, and the workstation should start to boot.

4.3. Scheduled Wake-up

Back at https://eem.ox.ac.uk/, select Manage Schedules and configure a schedule for the registered workstation (choosing a wake-up time around 10 minutes in the future is suitable for a quick test). Power down the workstation to be woken-up.

This should cause a wake-up call to be sent to the registered workstation at the scheduled time, and the workstation should boot.

4.4. View Energy Usage Charts

Visit https://eem.ox.ac.uk/cgi-webauth/graphs.cgi.

You should see energy usage charts for all networks that you are authorised to view - including those that your gateway supports. Charts are generated once an hour, so you may need to wait a bit before the first set are ready for display.

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