1. Introduction

1.1. Definition

The Core User Directory (CUD) is a central reference point or a directory that stores details of people associated with the University of Oxford. The directory holds information about students, researchers, tutors, staff and alumni. CUD consolidates records from a number of data sources. Every CUD record has multiple attributes such as first name, surname etc. It becomes easier to distinguish a CUD record as unique when more attributes are stored within a record.

CUD could support the storage of details about prospective students and users who are registered to receive information about services in the future should there be an availability of information.

For every data record entered, a CUD unique identifier (CUD ID) is assigned after the data is matched, consolidated and reconciled. As a result of these processes, a single CUD record (with many attributes) is created for each person associated with the University. By providing a CUD ID, duplication of information is reduced within these systems.

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