2. Context

The CUD service extends the suite of Identity and Access Management services (IAM) offered by OUCS.

CUD focuses on establishing a reliable source of user identity information and complements the existing IAM service suite. Other identity and access management processes and functions such as account provisioning, authentication, privilege management and authorization, are beyond the scope of CUD.

CUD provides data controllers with an easy to use source of information about users

There is a growing need in the University to implement Identity Access and Management processes. Most identity management solutions require access to one or more sources of fully comprehensive, authoritative user data. Each user must be assigned a digital unique identity with an associated unique identifier. For records stored in multiple sources, the unique identifier must be global in scope. Such an identifier did not exist. CUD provides the matched and consolidated user data along with globally unique identifier (CUD ID). This effectively supports the identity management and is a significant precursor to achieving a full IAM solution for the University.

CUD enhances efficiency and accuracy by establishing reliable cross-references for data related to the same person across multiple systems as well as supporting identity management. This will facilitate strategic sharing of attributes such as name and address, reducing duplicate data and associated processes and improve consistency. As not every system stores an ID, CUD provides a Foreign Key to act as reference between the Primary Data System (PDS) and CUD records. For more information, see Foreign Key Referral Service.

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