1. Introduction

This document aims to describe how to use command-line client tools to interact with the Core User Directory (CUD) REST interface, for the extraction of data according to specific queries. These tools are intended to help with the automation of a batch-processing strategy.

Requests to the CUD REST interface are made using the HTTP GET method, with parameters included in the query string. Results are streamed in the HTTP response in a choice of formats: XML; JSON; CSV; Delimited Text with named delimiter and text qualifier.

A self service interface is also available to enable users to pre-build queries which can then be referenced by name in the query string. Access to the REST end points are over SSL/TLS, with the Kerberos GSS-Negotiate mechanism used for authentication.

Queries to the CUD REST interface use the Solr/Lucene query syntax. More information about Solr query syntax may be found at http://wiki.apache.org/solr/SolrQuerySyntax.

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