1. Installing PuTTY

PuTTY can be used on computers running Windows.

  1. First download the PuTTY software from the Oxford mirror of the PuTTY download page, and then download the file putty-VERSION-installer.exe, found below the heading A Windows-style installer (x86 only) for everything except PuTTYtel.
  2. Once you have downloaded the PuTTY installer to your computer, run the program to start the installation. You will see the Welcome screen:
    PuTTY Welcome screen
    Figure 1. PuTTY Welcome screen
  3. Click next to continue. You will now be asked where to install the program, accept the default and click the Next button.
    Select location of program screen
    Figure 2. Select location screen
  4. Now you will see the Select Start Menu Folder screen, click on Next to continue.
    Select start menu folder screen
    Figure 3. Select start menu folder screen
  5. The next screen allows to to select further features for the program. Check the boxes by the options you require and then click on the Next button.
    Selecting additional tasks screen
    Figure 4. Selecting additional tasks screen
  6. The following screen shows you the options you have selected and where the program will be installed. If you want to change anything, select the Back button. When you are happy with your choices, click the Next button.
    Ready to install screen
    Figure 5. Ready to install screen
  7. The program will now be installed.
    Installing program
    Figure 6. Installing program
  8. Once completed you will see the Completting the PuTTY setup wizard screen. Click on Finish to exit setup.
    Installation completed screen
    Figure 7. Installation completed screen

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