2. Registering as an Oak LDAP consumer

Service providers must register before being able to query the Oak LDAP service.

To register, please send an email to sysdev@it.ox.ac.uk with the following information. Please send a separate request for each service where you're interested in using Oak LDAP.
  • Which Kerberos principal(s) should be granted access to Oak LDAP for this service?
    • If you're adding simple authorisation to an existing WebAuth-protected site using mod_webauthldap, we can grant access to the existing WebAuth principal(s)
    • Otherwise, we'll create a new principal named like oak-ldap/<HOSTNAME>@OX.AC.UK for this purpose
    • See the ITSS Wiki authentication page for some background.
  • Will the principal(s) need access to the personal LDAP entries of all people, or only of people affiliated to your unit(s)?
  • A confirmation that you have read the terms of usage

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