2. What are the system prerequisites?

There are 3 basic prerequisites:

  • Either 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Server 2008 (or 2008 R2) should be installed, with the Application Server role activated/installed. All applicable and up-to-date security patches should be applied.
  • The Shibboleth daemon should be capable of receiving Assertion Consumer Service traffic over SSL, so the IIS website you will be integrating with Shibboleth should be set up with a valid SSL certificate. Instructions for obtaining and setting up IIS with an SSL certificate are documented here.
  • Before installing the Shibboleth SP software you should ensure that IIS has certain role services installed. These additional role services are required to enable the installer to properly configure your SP installation with IIS. See the Role Services Preparation section for more information about installing the required role services.

2.1. Role Services Preparation

As an administrative user, open the Server Manager program, open 'Roles' in its left-hand pane, and click on Web Server (IIS). Scroll down to the 'Role Services' section and click on Add Role Services.

In the 'Application Development' section, ensure ISAPI Extensions and ISAPI Filters are checked, then further down the list ensure that IIS 6 Management Compatibility and all the checkboxes under it are checked.

Add Role Services Screen

Click Next, confirm that the changes are ok, and then click Install. When the results show that the installation succeeded, click Close to dismiss the dialogue box.

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