6. What next?

Now that your Service Provider is registered, your web application is all set to interpret the attributes placed in the HTTP Request Headers by Shibboleth to make the authorisation-related decisions that make sense for your web application. Attributes are made available by Shibboleth in the form of HTTP Headers. Shibboleth is capable of making further attributes available that originate from the Oak LDAP Service, so if your application needs more person-related attributes to make the required authorisation decisions a request should be sent to shibboleth@oucs.ox.ac.uk detailing the attributes required. You should ensure that the additional requested attributes have appropriate mappings configured in the Shibboleth SP attribute configuration file at C:\opt\shibboleth-sp\etc\shibboleth\attribute-map.xml when you are notified that the extra attributes have been released (substitute your installation location if you chose a custom installation location).

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