1. Returning Software

You may return any software you have purchased within 7 working days of delivery for any reason (including if you simply change your mind), subject to the restrictions listed below. To do so you must complete the returns form below. You will then be entitled to a refund from us, which will be paid as soon as possible, but in any event within 30 days. You must arrange for and pay the costs of returning the software to us at the OUCS Reception Desk. The rights referred to in this paragraph do not apply where:
  • The sealed packaging has been opened or damaged.
In the cases below you are entitled to an exchange or refund provided you complete the returns form below within 30 days of delivery and return the software to the OUCS Reception Desk. We will investigate your exchange or refund request and contact you within 2 working days.
  • If the Software delivered is not what you ordered.
  • If there are installation errors on your machine. We reserve the right to investigate the problem via our Help Desk.
Return Request Form

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2. Customer Complaints concerning the Hardware Repair and Upgrade or Backup/Re-install Services

In the first instance please contact the service provider by replying to the email which informed you your machine was ready. As a general rule the service provider will endeavour to rectify the problem and only discuss a partial or full reimbursement if this is not possible. There will be no further charge for labour, but if parts are needed there may be an additional cost for these.

3. Customer Complaints concerning the Email/File Recovery Service

If the service provider is unable to restore any data at all you are entitled to a refund of £20. The service provider will contact you in such cases and organise the refund for you.

4. Customer Complaints concerning Poster Printing

When you pick up your poster you will be invited to inspect it and most problems can be sorted out at this point. If any issues should arise later, please contact the Job Reception counter either through a personal visit or by calling 01865 273271