Photo of Vending Machine for IT Consumables

IT consumables can be purchased from a vending machine located in the OUCS Help Centre. The machine is operated by Uni-Vending Limited and offers a range of IT accessories at very competitive prices. If there is anything not included in the price list below which you would like to see provided through the machine, please let us know via an email to the Help Centre Manager

Table 1. Vending Machine Price List
Description Price (£)
Sata Hardrive Enclosure 2.5" 8.00
Memory Card Reader All in 1 5.00
4-port USB2 Hub 5.00
USB2 Wireless Network Adapter 12.00
USB2 Bluetooth adapter 5.00
CDs and DVDs
CDrw-r 700MB 2-pack 1.00
CDr-r 700MB 5-pack 1.50
DVD+r 4.7GB 2-pack 1.50
DVD-r 4.7 GB 2-pack 1.50
Mice, WebCams and Head Sets
Mini Wireless Optical Mouse 8.00
Pink Webcam 4.00
Stereo Earphones 3.5mm jack 3.00
Ross Stereo Headset 3.00
Blue Earphones 4.00
RJ45 Ethernet Cable 3-metre 3.00
USB A-B cable (printer) 2-metre 4.50
Notebook security cable 10.00
USB Memory Drives
USB2 Memory Drive 4 GB (Duracell) 6.90
USB2 Memory Drive 8 GB (Generic) 11.50
Red Lanyard 0.50
Blue Lanyard 0.50
Printer Inks
Epson Compatible Ink 711/891 Black 4.00
Epson Compatible Ink 712/892 Cyan 4.00
Epson Compatible Ink 713/893 Magenta 4.00
Epson Compatible Ink 714/894 Yellow 4.00
Pens and Batteries
Pack of 3 Pens 1.00
Pack of 4 Highlighters 2.50
Pack of 4 AA Batteries 3.50
Pack of 4 AAA Batteries 3.50