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About Shared Infrastructure Services

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Shared Infrastructure Services (SIS) is a collection of interlinked services designed to offer state-of-the-art infrastructure to underpin IT service delivery across the University. The SIS are designed to be layered to provide services from basic physical hosting of equipment through to full virtual data centre and hybrid cloud computing facilities.

In the most complete form, Shared Infrastructure Services provide a dynamic infrastructure, which offers the opportunity to separate the physical aspects of service deployment from the service build. This allows the consolidation of workloads, with the associated cost and efficiency gains; the strategic management of hardware capacity, removing the multiplicative over-provisioning of equipment; the provisioning of multi-site resilient services, by designing in redundancy from the start; and enables rapid service deployment via self-service interfaces, removing the need to wait for equipment to be delivered before services can be constructed.

Shared Infrastructure Services:
This enables:

Shared Infrastructure services are managed by Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS). We operate, develop and support the University’s primary computing infrastructure and services. We are committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective IT services that meet the needs of the University and its members. We seek to foster and support excellence, innovation, best practise and value for money in the use of IT across the University.

As all the services are hosted and supplied by the University, concerns over the physical location, accessability and security of data can be more easily addressed than with external services.


Shared infrastructure offers a number of benefits over physical infrastructure in diverse server rooms across the University. These include:


To ensure a robust and consistent service, the services are designed and built around three core principles:

Shared Responsibility

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Being part of the University means we implicitly understand the nature of IT and IT service delivery in the University environment. All the services are constructed with this in mind and SIS take a shared responsibility approach to service provision. SIS provide the underlying infrastructure, but the IT services built upon it are owned and managed independently. This allows a “Shared Infrastructure, Local Autonomy” approach to IT services. An approach that offers a great fit for one of the University’s core principles – subsidiarity.