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2011/2012 Academic Year Pricing (All pricing per calendar month).

Hosted VMs Service

Basic VM* £35
Additional Memory (per GB) £7.50
Additional vCPU £7.50
Additional Storage (per 20GB) £3.00

*Basic VM specifications: 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 40GB storage, 1 vNIC.

Discounts may be available for larger storage requirements - please contact us.

Virtual Datacentre service

Small (10 GHz, 20GB RAM, 500GB storage) £330
Medium (20 GHz, 40GB RAM, 1000GB storage) £660
Large (30 GHz, 60GB RAM, 1500GB storage) £990

CPU and RAM is provided with a 50% guarantee.

Research Costs

Both the co-location services offered by the USDC and the Private Cloud are classified as Small Research Facilities (SRFs). Please contact us for details at the bid preparation stage.

Comparing Costs

Comparing shared infrastructure to other provisioning models can be extremely difficult. Shared Infrastructure cuts across multiple budgets. It changes expenditure patterns not just in the IT budget but in facilities/estates, staff training and capital projects. Given the cross-budget nature of shared infrastructure, a pair of TCO calulators have been prepared to help start the comparision process. There are entries that won't apply to particular circumstances and there are site-specific local costs which do not have an entry, but these calulators are designed to start the process and not to be the final word on total cost of ownership.

We can also provide information to assist in building use cases and business cases.

Further reading

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