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Figure /sis/images/cloud-big.jpg [private cloud icon]


1. How to create a Catalog

1. On the administrator's home page, below your organisation name on the top left corner there are four tabs (Home, My Cloud, Catalog and Administration), Click to select the catalog tab and you will be presented with the "My Organisation Catalogs page" as shown below.

2. To create a catalog, navigate to the Catalogs tab under the organization and click

Figure getting-started-images/image2.jpg []

to add a catalog

Figure getting-started-images/image3.jpg []

3. Type a catalog name and optional description and click Next.

Figure getting-started-images/image4.jpg []

4. (Optional) To share the catalog with members of the organization, click Add Members, select users and groups, select an access level, click OK, and click Next.

Figure getting-started-images/image5.jpg []

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3. Further reading

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