IT Services

Split Cabinets

Figure /sis/images/colocation-big.png [USDC Co-location]


The USDC offers securely seperated half and third racks with their own power and networking.

The picture below shows the half and third rack doors opened, illustrating the independent access to each part-cabinet.

Figure /sis/images/aisle.jpg [aisle with doors open]

With the doors closed these cabinets are the same size as a full rack futher down the aisle.

Figure /sis/images/aisle2.jpg [aisle with doors closed]

Each half or third rack is completely secured from its neighbours above and below with its own network and power. Sheet steel seperates each enclosure and the rack rails are fully seperate and adjustable or a per half/third rack basis.

Figure /sis/images/third-cabinet.jpg [rear of a third of a rack cabinet]