Co-location Pricing Examples

Below are a collection of example uses of the USDC and the monthly costs associated. All energy usage has been costed at 9p per kWh.

We do not charge setup fees, network connection fees or bandwidth charges. We only charge for the space used, power consumed and power used to cool equipment.

Specification USDC 2012/13 USDC 2013/14 USDC 2014 on (Normal) Standard Server Room (power-only) Inefficient Server Room (power-only)
Full Rack (High Power 7kW) £470 £660 £850 £940 £1170
Full Rack (4kW) £270 £410 £550 £535 £670
Half Rack (2kW) £135 £220 £295 £270 £335
Third Rack (1.5kW) £100 £160 £220 £200 £250
Single 2U Server (0.5kW) £35 £55 £70 £70 £90

For comparison we have included the electricity cost of running the same equipment in an average server room (PUE of 2) and an inefficient server room (PUE of 2.5).

Virtual Infrastructure Pricing Examples

Individual virtual machine rental is ideal for those who only require one or two virtual machines to support applications such as web servers. If more than two virtual machines are needed, or machines are going to be started/stopped/modified frequently, it may be worth considering a Virtual Data Centre as this is more flexible.

Example virtual machine configurations and pricing are found below:

Description Specification Cost
vCPU (1GHz per vCPU) Memory (GB) Storage (GB) (Monthly)
Average 1 2 50 £35
High Memory 1 8 50 £80
High CPU 4 4 100 £80
Large Storage 1 2 1000 £177.50
Typical Larger VM 2 4 200 £80

Note that the virtual infrastructure is not designed for virtual servers which require large amounts of storage.

Virtual Data Centre Pricing Examples

Virtual data centres offer greater flexibility than individual virtual machines and include the ability to divide up resources into as many or as few virtual machines as desired.

Description Specification Cost
CPU (GHz) Memory (GB) Storage (GB) (Monthly)
Small1020500 £330
Medium20401000 £660
Large30601500 £990