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Example Use Cases

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Use Cases

These use cases apply equally to the hosting of physical equipment within the USDC and the provision of virtual servers from the Private Cloud infrastructure.

For each of the examples below we have at least one tenant of the USDC or Private Cloud already doing this.

Full Hosting
Host all your services at the USDC or within the Private Cloud, removing the need for any locally infrastructure (servers, storage and server rooms for example) and take advantage of all the resilience and security provided by the USDC and Private Cloud.
Second Site High Availability
Use the USDC or Private Cloud to host a second instantiation of important services for resilience and high availability. Host full active/active services or use the facilities to host a passive instance for failover. Continue to provide services and maintain a web presence in the event of a major local failure.
Disaster Recovery
Host a copy of important data geographically separate from your local site. In the event of disaster use the capability to rapidly provision servers from the Private Cloud to rebuild services promptly.
Host computing equipment or applications for research when local facilities lack space or power. Provision short-life servers on the Private Cloud platform rather than going through a procurement, delivery and build process.