1. Divisional Software Licensing Group

Software Licensing Group Members

During March 2007 a group was established to monitor the use of the software licensing budget, under the terms of reference below, current members of the group are:

Tony Brett (IT Services, Chair)

Ben Bridle (Colleges)

Jon Burt (Continuing Eucation)

Andrew Chapman (Social Sciences Division)

Jon Edwards (Humanities Division)

Diane Mitchell (IT Services, Secretary to the Group)

Andy Richards (ITSS)

Gerard Robinson (Medical Sciences Division)

Paul Warren (MPLS Division)

Terms of Reference

  • consider current central software license agreements
  • consider renewals as appropriate
  • consider possible new agreements and cancelling existing ones
  • monitoring the central software license budget looking at the existing SLD for the central service offered by IT Services
  • outlining future developments of the service in line with divisional wishes (if funded accordingly)

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