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Software Agreements


1. Divisional Software Licensing Group

Software Licensing Group Members

During March 2007 a group was established to monitor the use of the software licensing budget, under the terms of reference below, current members of the group are:

Tony Brett (IT Services, Chair)

Ben Bridle (Colleges)

Jon Burt (Continuing Eucation)

Andrew Chapman (Social Sciences Division)

Jon Edwards (Humanities Division)

Diane Mitchell (IT Services, Secretary to the Group)

Andy Richards (ITSS)

Gerard Robinson (Medical Sciences Division)

Paul Warren (MPLS Division)

Terms of Reference

2. Centrally Funded Software

2.1. Anti-Virus software

2.2. Bibliographic Software

2.3. Mathematical Software

2.4. Networking software

2.5. Scientific Word processing

2.6. Software for Desk Top Mapping

2.7. Software for the Office

2.8. Software Metering

2.9. Statistical Software

2.10. Miscellaneous

3. Criteria for Selecting Software

The list of software for centrally funding was originally chosen on the basis of the following criteria:

4. Purchasing Notes

For the software described above, users usually need only to buy the media and documentation (where available).

The fact that users do not have to pay for the software licence does not mean that it can be freely copied. Each copy must be licensed and registered with IT Services. The licence figures recorded in the registration database can then be used to decide whether to continue the central funding of a particular software package. Users taking unregistered copies could jeopardize funding in the future.

5. Management of Site License Agreements

We manage a number of site license agreements, making it possible for individual software products to be distributed throughout the University. Some of these agreements are funded centrally, examples being SPSS and Endnote. In order to decide how to spend this central funding, c�100k this year, a small advisory group exists with representatives from each of the divisions and representation from both ITSS and the colleges. This group looks at each software contract as it reaches a renewal point; this is normally between 3 and 5 years in order to decide whether the software continues to meet criteria suitable for central funding.

Site licenses can also be funded by bringing together small groups of departments who are interested in particular software products so that a cost saving can be made by sharing the overall site license cost instead of each department purchasing small numbers of licenses.

Sometimes it is not possible to find full funding for site licenses by sharing costs as above, however in this case provided one department is prepared to underwrite the license we can then arrange to sell individual licenses out to other users from IT Services transferring the funds back to the underwriting department.

If we can assist you with entering a site license agreement as described above or if your department already has a site license agreement that we do not know about please get in touch with us at

6. Minutes of the software licensing group

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