1. Introduction

This document provides a specification of the IT Services SigmaPlot Concurrent License server (the 'Service') which they manage on behalf of the University of Oxford SigmaPlot Concurrent Licence user community (the 'Subscribers').

2. Service Availability

  1. Support for the Service is available during normal working hours (9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday, excluding Bank Holidays and the Christmas closure period.
  2. The Service is run on highly resilient hardware. Any loss of hardware availability should normally be resolved in less than 24 hours after any breakdown.
  3. Operational procedures will be deployed that ensure the efficient running of the Service and removal of redundant licence allocations.
  4. Misuse of licenses will be investigated.

3. Communication

  1. Departments and colleges that install SigmaPlot licences will be expected to nominate primary and, optionally, secondary SigmaPlot representatives.
  2. All correspondence with IT Services about SigmaPlot licenses and the Service should be directed through SigmaPlot representatives.
  3. IT Services will maintain a mailing list of SigmaPlot representatives. The mailing list will be used to inform the representatives about possible disruption to the service, new versions of the software and any other matters related to the Service. It will be the responsibility of the representatives within a department or college to pass that information on to users of the license inside their own organisation.
  4. IT Services will provide web pages providing information about the service.
  5. IT Services will give at least one weeks notice for scheduled service disruptions.

4. Support

  1. Primary application level support will be the responsibility of the SigmaPlot representatives.
  2. IT Services will only provide support for issues relating directly to a service they provide. They will not provide support about using SigmaPlot other than matters relating to use of the licence server.
  3. Support from IT Services will only be through the SigmaPlot representatives.
  4. IT Services will assist user self help groups with mailing lists.

5. Software Distribution and Record Keeping

  1. IT Services will provide a download location to allow SigmaPlot representatives to install software on client machines.
  2. SigmaPlot Representatives are responsible for keeing accurate records of each client installation