10. Who can Have a Copy for Home Use?

It is expected that most copies of software made under the Campus Agreement will be installed on University-owned or College-owned computers, from media supplied to IT Services Software Card holders (usually IT Support Staff) through the IT Services Shop on receipt of a Departmental or College order. However, there is scope under the agreement for limited use by staff on personally-owned computers.

10.1. College Staff, University Staff and Senior Members

If your University card describes you as 'College Staff', 'University Staff' or 'Congregation' you are entitled to use one copy of Office and/or Windows Upgrade on your own computer wherever that may be, for work related use (i.e. academic-related work).

You must obtain the appropriate work at home media as a download from Staff Downloads for this implementation.

These copies must be deleted if the staff member leaves the employ of Oxford University. They must also be deleted if the Agreement is terminated.

Retired Staff, Departmental Staff, Academic Visitors and students (either Postgraduate, Recognized Student, Visiting Student or Undergraduate) may not use work at home copies of the Campus products.

10.2. Students

Students may not have personal copies of the Campus products for use on their own computer(s) at this time as the cost of enabling this would be prohibitive for the University.

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