11. Terms of the Agreement

11.1. Rental

The Campus Agreement is a rental agreement. Licences under the Campus agreement are not perpetual, and all copies must be deleted if the Agreement is terminated. Products must not be lent, leased or rented to people outside the Agreement.

11.2. Renewal

The University has signed an Agreement for three years that is renewed each year until August 2016. Microsoft have made no legal commitments beyond that.

When the licensed period expires Microsoft will give 60 days notice of expiration and advise of the options to renew. A new Agreement can be signed or the buy-out option exercised. The buy-out option allows perpetual licences to be purchased for the required quantity of chosen products for a fee similar to that for licences purchased under the Microsoft Select Agreement.

11.3. Termination

In the event that Agreement is not renewed or the buy-out option not exercised then upon termination of the Agreement all users will be notified that they must delete all copies of the products licensed under the Campus Agreement, destroy the associated media and disconnect access to any servers staff or students may have accessed according to the Work at Home or Student Option rights. We must ensure that this instruction is carried out and inform Microsoft of such deletion, destruction and termination of access.

All staff who are using any products according to the Work at Home Rights must delete and remove all copies of such products from the temporary RAM and hard disk of their PCs and destroy associated media.

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