The University of Oxford has taken out the Microsoft Select 6.6 Academic Deal through Eduserv, this will run until 31st October 2013.

In addition to this please see the details for the Microsoft Campus Agreement which allows free licences for some Microsoft products on University-owned, College-owned and leased machines and also work at home copies of Office products to certain staff on personal machines whilst the agreement is in force until 31st August 2013.

1. Products Included

Select 6.6 allows a University Department or College to buy many items of Microsoft software via the Computing Services Online Shop price list at a very advantageous price.

Microsoft software for staff and students can be purchased via varous schemes Microsoft student schemes

2. Licence Type

A software licence is required for every copy of a Microsoft product installed on the hard disk of a PC, the software should not be copied to another PC without first purchasing another licence. The exception to this rule is for the Microsoft Office software (no other applications) where for each licence acquired, you may make a second copy of the Software and install it on either a laptop or desktop computer for the exclusive use of the person who is the primary user of the first copy of the software. This is for work related purposes only. Work at Home copies are licensed separately from the corresponding copies run on "At Work Computers" and must be installed using official Microsoft work-at-home media obtained from the Computing Services Online Shop.

3. Usage Terms

The licences purchased under the Microsoft Select Agreement are perpetual and subject to the Microsoft 'Product Use Rights' current at the time of purchase, these are accessible on the Web at Usage Terms

4. Concurrency Licensing

Under the concurrency rules for Select 6.6, a Microsoft licence may not be shared concurrently on different workstations attached to the same network server. You must acquire and dedicate a licence for each separate computer on which the Software Product is installed or run from a server.

5. Purchasing Software

The Computing Services Online Shop holds a stock of the common software, other items from the Select list can be ordered

Please Note that before a Department or College can purchase any software from the Computing Services Shop it is necessary to have a software card and an official Departmental or College order. Ensure you bring these to the shop when you come to buy software.

See the Computing Services Shop price list for ordering codes and price details at Shop Price List