1. New Software Versions

Adobe Framemaker for Windows Version 7.2

Adobe Photoshop Elements Version 4

Endnote Version 9.0.1

Exceed 2006 (Version 11)

Office 2004 (incl Pro) now includes SP2 (Macintosh Version)

Office Business Scorecard 2005

Paintshop Pro Version X

Reference Manager Version 11.0.1

SAS Version 9.1.3

SPSS Version 14 and AMOS Version 6

2. Adobe and Macromedia

Following the merger of Adobe and Macromedia we are now able to distribute Macromedia products using our Adobe CLP agreement, this means that any Macromedia products purchased from January 2006 will be subject to the licence conditions that you have previously seen with Adobe products obtained via the Computing Services Shop.

3. Rental Renewals

Maple, SAS and SPSS

Users holding personal licences for Maple, SAS and SPSS can obtain the latest codes from the registration server.

Registration Server

4. Terminations


Due to the limited use of Softrack we are no longer funding its maintenance centrally. Existing copies continue to be available for perpetual use.

5. Microsoft Office

Microsoft have recently informed us of a requirement to install an update to future deployments of its Office Suite


It was recently decided in a court of law that certain portions of code found in Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, Microsoft Office Access 2003, Microsoft Office XP Professional and Microsoft Access 2002 infringe a third-party patent. As a result, Microsoft must make available a revised version of these products with the allegedly infringing code replaced.

Action required:

As a result of the above ruling, you are required to:

Install Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2 (Office 2003 SP2) for all your future deployments of Office Professional Edition 2003 and Office Access 2003

Install the Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 3 Patch (Office XP SP3 Patch) for all your future deployments of Office XP Professional and Access 2002

Action requested:

To keep your current systems in alignment with your future deployments of these products, Microsoft is requesting that you also update all your current Office Professional Edition 2003 and Office Access 2003 installations with Office 2003 SP2, and Office XP Professional and Access 2002 installations with the Office XP SP3 Patch.

The Patch CD will be distributed from the Computing Services Shop with the CD Pack for Office 2003 or available on its own.

Existing implementations can also be updated via the appropriate Microsoft update web site.

6. Software Licensing from OUCS

Software licensing is looked after by the Shop, Software Licensing and Media Services section of the TSS group within OUCS.

Please direct queries relating to licensing issues via email to software@oucs.ox.ac.uk and sales issues to shop@oucs.ox.ac.uk both of which are serviced by the Request Tracker system at OUCS.

Information relating to software products and licences is sent via email to all registered IT Support Staff and to the software-announce mailing list.

The Software-announce mailing list is used to announce important changes in our software agreements. To subscribe to the software-announce mailing list, send a message to software-announce-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk

The Software-discuss mailing list can be used by you to give your views on software agreements, to say what programs you are interested in and what you would like to see available. To subscribe to the software-discuss mailing list, send a message to software-discuss-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk

A full list of products and prices is available from the Computing Services online shop

Details of our software agreements can be viewed from the Software Agreements page

The Home page for Site Licensing can be viewed at Licensing Home Page