5. SAS Rental Licence Renewal

Since SAS is a product from a similar field to that of SPSS and less widely used within the University it was thought that it might cease to be a candidate for site license funding for its Windows PC version. Being mindful of both the funding and operational implications of either ceasing to license or requiring departments to take out individual licenses it was agreed to use site license funding to take out a site license for SAS for Windows PC’s and at the same time start to recover these costs from the individual users. The aim would be to either terminate the contract after the next three year period or to make it self funding. Those units of the University that continue to licence a particular server version of SAS will incur no additional cost. Charges will be made for the issue of the Setinit file for personal copies and for use by other departments departmental. Any additional take up of department licences for additional platforms may well help us to achieve a more cost effective renewal.

Details of fees will be made available shortly.

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