5. Novell Netware Consultation

The following message has been sent to the primary IT Support Contact in units holding a Novell Netware maintenance subscription

OUCS has purchased Novell Netware and makes it available throughout the University.

We also purchased a maintenance plan which runs from 1st August 2004 until 31st July 2007 to provide updates and support for the product.

This year we have the option to purchase a new maintenance plan which would be funded by contributions from the users of the software.

I would be grateful therefore if you could answer the following questions:

1. Are you using Novell Netware? if so:

2. In which units of the University are you running a netware server?

3. Do you require a maintenance plan?

[ To clarify: your existing version of Novell Netware will continue to be licensed for perpetual use even if we do not take out a new maintenance plan ]

The cost for the existing 3-year maintenance plan was c £25,000

Once I have an estimate of the numbers of units that are interested I will indicate the amount that you would be expected to pay.

Please let me have your reply by 31st January 2007.

Contact richard.saxton@oucs.ox.ac.uk if you have additional comments.

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