6. New Services from Software Licensing

Matlab and SigmaPlot Concurrent License Servers

OUCS has recently been able to allocate some additional funding to enable the hosting of license servers for use with software that is available unde site license terms covering the University of Oxford.

Initially Software Licensing will be taking over the management and administration of servers for Matlab and SigmaPlot.

Details of this version of Matlab can be found at Matlab from OUCS , information relating to SigmaPlot will be provided as soon as possible.

The next software products to be offered via license serving from OUCS will be Scientific Word and SPSS 16.

If you have licensed any software using a site license for the University of Oxford and would be interested in it being hosted via OUCS then please contact us at software@oucs.ox.ac.uk .

Site Licensed Software Distribution

We have recently set up a mechanism to issue licenses and distribute software for a version of Matlab that can be used by students on their own machines.

Have you licensed any software products using a site license model or with a staff and or student extension? If so could we assist with its licensing and distribution? If you require a financial contribution to be made by users of the software then we are also able to set up a mechanism in conjunction with the Computing Services Shop to allow for this. Contact software@oucs.ox.ac.uk to discuss who we could help.

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