1. SAS use from 1st August 2007

OUCS intends to sign the renewal of the Campus license for the Windows version of SAS from 1st August 2007, subject to ongoing contract negotiation via Eduserv Chest.

From 1st August 2007 the licence fee will be partially cost recovered from the users of SAS, with the aim that by the end of the three year period the licence should either become fully cost recovered or be discontinued.

In order to obtain your SETINIT rental from 1st August 2007 - 31st July 2008 please visit the Computing Services Shop either in person or via the online shop.

Fees are set at £20 for an individual licence annual rental or £500 for unlimited use annual rental within a unit of the University.

Your new SETINIT file will be distributed via the registration server as soon as it is received by OUCS, meanwhile your old SETINIT will comtinue to operate in a grace period.

Computing Services Shop

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