3. SAS Agreement

The agreement for the use of SAS on Windows systems terminated on 31st July 2008. We will continue to provide SPSS rental licenses on Windows and Mac for both departmental, college and personal use without license charge until at least 30th November 2010

SAS can be licensed by departments under the terms of the Eduserv Chest SAS agreement This is a three year agreement running until 31st July 2011 and provides for an unlimited number of implementations on any of the platforms supported by SAS.

The fees for this agreement are: £ 1365.00 plus vat per annum for the license together with £ 300.00 plus vat per annum for the Eduserv Chest arrangement fee. To join this agreement please send a purchase order ( or just the Oracle Financials number) to software@oucs.ox.ac.uk for the gross amount of £ 1956.38.

If you are using the software solely for medical research, diagnosis and/or treatment but not training and therefore wish to claim a VAT exemption, then please make that declaration to us and issue a purchase order for £ 1665.00.

Please note that fees for the 2nd and 3rd years of this agreement will be collected directly from your departmetal general ledger. If you wish to use SAS on a Platform other than Windows then please let us know.

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