1. New Software Versions

Windows Server 2008

Further Information

Adobe Creative Suite CS4

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Maple 12

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Endnote X2

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

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Adobe Lightroom V2

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2. Full List of Software Agreements at Oxford

Our list of available software at:

Full Software List at Oxford

The majority of this software can be obtained from the Computing Services Online Shop

If your department has licensed a software product that could be used campus wide then please let us know via software@oucs.ox.ac.uk so that we can include it on this list.

3. SAS Agreement

The agreement for the use of SAS on Windows systems terminated on 31st July 2008. We will continue to provide SPSS rental licenses on Windows and Mac for both departmental, college and personal use without license charge until at least 30th November 2010

SAS can be licensed by departments under the terms of the Eduserv Chest SAS agreement This is a three year agreement running until 31st July 2011 and provides for an unlimited number of implementations on any of the platforms supported by SAS.

The fees for this agreement are: £ 1365.00 plus vat per annum for the license together with £ 300.00 plus vat per annum for the Eduserv Chest arrangement fee. To join this agreement please send a purchase order ( or just the Oracle Financials number) to software@oucs.ox.ac.uk for the gross amount of £ 1956.38.

If you are using the software solely for medical research, diagnosis and/or treatment but not training and therefore wish to claim a VAT exemption, then please make that declaration to us and issue a purchase order for £ 1665.00.

Please note that fees for the 2nd and 3rd years of this agreement will be collected directly from your departmetal general ledger. If you wish to use SAS on a Platform other than Windows then please let us know.

4. The Ultimate Steal

Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 is available to Staff and Students for £38.95 from www.theultimatesteal.co.uk

5. Ingres

A reminder that the agreement for the use of Ingres up to and included verion 2.6 terminates on 31st December 2008

This relates to the older versions of Ingres which include technical support, you can continue to use Open Source versions of Ingres which are not related to this agreement.

6. Novell Maintenance

Are you running Novell Software?

Annual maintenance for OES (on Netware or SLES) or SLES should be purchased from the Computing Services Shop if you are using Novell Software

This maintenance fee is currently being contributed to by just 6 units of the University, if this is a true reflection of usage then we will need to concider either a significant fee increase or termination of the agreement

7. Contact Details

Software licensing is a section of the Technical Services Group within OUCS.

Please direct licensing queries via email to software@oucs.ox.ac.uk .

Generally available software is distributed via the Computing Services Shop, email shop@oucs.ox.ac.uk with your sales queries. Specialist software funded by departmental groups is distributed directly via software licensing staff.

Information relating to software products and licences is sent via email to all registered IT Support Staff and to the software-announce mailing list.

The Software-announce mailing list is used to announce important changes in our software agreements. To subscribe to the software-announce mailing list, send a message to software-announce-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk

The Software-discuss mailing list can be used by you to give your views on software agreements, to say what programs you are interested in and what you would like to see available. To subscribe to the software-discuss mailing list, send a message to software-discuss-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk

A full list of products and prices is available from the Computing Services Online Shop

Details of our software agreements can be viewed from the Software Agreements page

The Home page for Site Licensing can be viewed at Licensing Home Page