5. Microsoft Distribution Media

Microsoft have informed us that our distribution kit for products used under Select and Campus will be changed to DVD rather than CD from late 2006. The first products being released in this way would be Windows Vista and Office 2007.

This change would mean that any new products or new versions of existing products that you obtain from the Computing Services Shop would be on DVD and thus you would need a DVD drive on your PC, it would not effect existing products.

There would be a cost saving in that the DVD distributions will arrive on fewer disks than the CD version. If however you need a CD distribution of a particular product it will be possible for it to be purchased from our Microsoft supplier.

Microsoft will be giving us an opportunity to remain with CD distribution only, at some point during May, if you know of a particular reason to do this that we might have overlooked please let us know at software@oucs.ox.ac.uk

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