3. SAS Agreement

Termination of the SAS rental agreement

In August 2007 we were able to secure a one year rental license for the campus wide use of SAS on Windows PC's, unfortunately fees recovered have not come close to covering the rental cost.

In the light of this and the expected increase in charges due in August 2008 when SAS are proposing to align UK fees with the rest of Europe, the Software Licensing Group for the University has decided that it will not take out a new campus wide rental agreement for SAS on Windows.

Departments with SAS licenses on platforms other than Windows will be contacted nearer the renewal date with the new pricing information. Departments currently using SAS on Windows will also be contacted at this time with the new departmental pricing information.

We will continue to provide SPSS rental licenses on Windows and Mac for both departmental, college and personal use without license charge.

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