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Software News - Trinity 2008


1. New Software Versions

Visual Studio Pro 2008

Further Information

Mapinfo 9.0

Further Information

Mac Office 2008

Further Information

CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4

JRB Utilities v14

Further Information

Office Multilanguage Pack 2007

Further Information

Vista Business with SP1

Further Information

System Center Configuration Manager Server 2007

Further Information

Search Server 2008

Further Information

Photoshop Elements for Mac

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Available Soon

Windows Server 2008

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2. Full List of Software Agreements at Oxford

Our list of available software at:

Full Software List at Oxford

has recently been updated and we are now working towards showing all software that is available in the University. If your department has licensed a software product that could be used campus wide then please let us know via so that we can include it on this list.

3. SAS Agreement

Termination of the SAS rental agreement

In August 2007 we were able to secure a one year rental license for the campus wide use of SAS on Windows PC's, unfortunately fees recovered have not come close to covering the rental cost.

In the light of this and the expected increase in charges due in August 2008 when SAS are proposing to align UK fees with the rest of Europe, the Software Licensing Group for the University has decided that it will not take out a new campus wide rental agreement for SAS on Windows.

Departments with SAS licenses on platforms other than Windows will be contacted nearer the renewal date with the new pricing information. Departments currently using SAS on Windows will also be contacted at this time with the new departmental pricing information.

We will continue to provide SPSS rental licenses on Windows and Mac for both departmental, college and personal use without license charge.

4. The Ultimate Steal

Discounted Microsoft Office 2007 Offer ends 30th April 2008 ..... now extended to Staff as well as Students

With this offer, you can get Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for just £38.95 by visiting

5. ITSS Software Download Site

The ITSS software download page at:

ITSS Software Download Site

now includes ISO images for:

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 and

Scientific Word 5.5

Please remember to let the Computing Services Shop know the numbers of implementations of these and any other software products that you install. You can contact them via and just need to let them know the software product, number of installs and your software card number so that licenses can be issued.

6. License Server

License Serving from OUCS

OUCS is pleased to announce that we are now able to serve licenses for SPSS version 16 and Scientific Word version 5.5

For details of how to access our license server with these products please refer to the ITSS Wiki.

SIGMA - applications software - SPSS (see section 2.1) and

SIGMA - applications software - Scientific Word (see section 2.1)

7. Contact Details

Software licensing is a section of the Technical Services Group within OUCS.

Please direct licensing queries via email to .

Generally available software is distributed via the Computing Services Shop, email with your sales queries. Specialist software funded by departmental groups is distributed directly via software licensing staff.

Information relating to software products and licences is sent via email to all registered IT Support Staff and to the software-announce mailing list.

The Software-announce mailing list is used to announce important changes in our software agreements. To subscribe to the software-announce mailing list, send a message to

The Software-discuss mailing list can be used by you to give your views on software agreements, to say what programs you are interested in and what you would like to see available. To subscribe to the software-discuss mailing list, send a message to

A full list of products and prices is available from the Shop Price List

Details of our software agreements can be viewed from the Software Agreements page

The Home page for Site Licensing can be viewed at Licensing Home Page