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Software News - Trinity 2009


1. New Software Versions

Corel Painter 11

2. Full List of Software Agreements at Oxford

Please refer to our list of available software at:

Full Software List at Oxford

The majority of which can be obtained from the Computing Services Online Shop

If your department has licensed a software product that could be used campus wide then please let us know via so that we can include it on this list.

3. Microsoft Campus Renewal

Withdrawal of Microsoft Frontpage/Sharepoint Designer Rental

Later this year we shall be renewing the rental agreement which allows us to use a selection of Microsoft Products on our computers, from 1st September 2009 we shall cease to rent Microsoft Frontpage/Sharepoint Designer

Moving away from Microsoft Frontpage/Sharepoint Designer under Campus

Microsoft are making Sharepoint Designer 2007 available a a free license download, despite the name change this software product is actually the "next version" following on from Microsoft Frontpage 2003, some of you will already have moved to Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007, those who have not yet moved should plan to do so by 31st August 2009

To download a free copy of Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2009 visit

If there is a particular reason for you to continue using Microsoft Frontpage then the only way to obtain a license to permit this is for you to purchase a copy of Microsoft Expression Web, under the Microsoft Select agreement and then to use the associated downgrade rights that come with this software in order to continue running Microsoft Frontpage.

4. News from the Divisional Software Group

The Divisional Software Licensing Group gives advice to OUCS on how to spend the central software funding financial contribution. This group has representatives from each of the divisions, ITSS and colleges.

Recently it has carried out a review of all of the central software funding. An announcement of how it intends to take over some funding of existing software and of a new software product is expected shortly.

5. Novell Netware (OES and SLES) Maintenance

Are you running Novell Software? If so you should be contributing to the annual maintenance of this software.

Please visit the Computing services Online Shop (Software- Colleges and Departments Only - Novell Netware) to purchase your maintenance for the period 01.08.08 - 31.07.09

At the moment the maintenance fee is contributed to by a small number of units of the University, the remainder of the fee being paid for from the central software funding budget. We need to determine the true level of usage of this software in order to determine whether this central funding contribution is justifiable

6. Contact Details

Software licensing is a section of the Technical Services Group within OUCS.

Please direct licensing queries via email to .

Generally available software is distributed via the Computing Services Online Shop, email with your sales queries. Specialist software funded by departmental groups is distributed directly via software licensing staff.

Information relating to software products and licences is sent via email to all registered IT Support Staff and to the software-announce mailing list.

The Software-announce mailing list is used to announce important changes in our software agreements. To subscribe to the software-announce mailing list, send a message to

The Software-discuss mailing list can be used by you to give your views on software agreements, to say what programs you are interested in and what you would like to see available. To subscribe to the software-discuss mailing list, send a message to

A full list of products and prices is available from the Computing Services Online Shop

Details of our software agreements can be viewed from the Software Agreements page

The Home page for Site Licensing can be viewed at Licensing Home Page