7. Other News


Following financial support from the Oxford Supercomputing Centre together with the departments of Chemistry, Maths, Engineering, Earth Science and Physics; the NAG Serial Libraries agreement can now be used by all Members of the University.

Details of NAG Serial Libraries, University Licence

SPSS 13 for Mac

This version is expected to be issued to us under our Higher Education Rental agreement in the near future.

SPSS 14 for Win updates

We have been advised by a colleague in the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit of a problem using the "select" statement within SPSS. This bug is corrected by application of the 14.0.2 patch, which can be downloaded from the SPSS technical support site.

A "limited access login" using username/password guest/guest can be used at the following link:

SPSS Technical Support

Acrobat 8

Adobe have informed us that the version 8 of Adobe Acrobat will only be licensed in stand-alone copies. Concurrent versions will not be sold from version 8 onwards.

Novell SLES 10

Please be advised that Novell does not currently allow us to use SLES version 10 under the terms of our Netware Maintenance. Version 9 of SLES is the latest version that we are able to run.

Writenote Trial and Refworks

Following a request from one of our departmetal users, Adept Scientific who supply us with Endnote, have arranged for a free trial to take place of WriteNote, their web based research and writing tool.

You should also be aware that the libraries service will shortly announce that RefWorks, an online bibliographic management program, will be made available as one of their electronic resourses.

Further Information- Refworks

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