3. Termination of Agreements

Nag Compilers and Libraries

This license agreement comes to the end of its current 5-year term on 31st July 2005. It was originally taken out to support the use of Nag libraries and compliers on mainframe systems at OUCS, who also funded a support programmer. Use of the license was extended to individual departments and colleges at no additional cost. A usage survey was carried out in February 2005 with all registered IT support staff and current Nag flexlm licence holders invited to comment.

Three departments noted a requirement for the continued use of certain Nag libraries, this number was not sufficient to gain cost savings by the departments sharing a site licence.

One department has taken out a four library departmental licence to date.

Details of the new 3 and 5 year contracts can be viewed on the Eduserv chest web site:


This license agreement will cease on 31st July 2005, following the sale of Genstat by Nag Limited to VSN International.


The free license for Mindgenius obtained from the Eduserv grants programme for assistive technology expires on 31st July 2005, departments registered as using this product have been contacted regarding costs for continued usage. Details for renewing your licence for this product and alternatives are being investigated.

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