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Software News - Trinity 2006


1. New Software Versions

Adobe Acrobat 3D

Corel Graphics Suite X3

Corel Wordperfect Office X3

Endnote for Windows v9.0.1

JRB Utilities for Netware v12

2. Microsoft Campus

The current Microsoft Campus Rental Agreement terminates on 31st August 2006. Details of this agreement, which allows departments and colleges to run selected Microsoft Products via a centrally funded licence can be seen at:

The University is currently advertising in the European Journal in order to take out a similar rental agreement from 1st September 2006, this will be under the terms of the Campus 3.4 scheme.

The list of Microsoft Products that will be available to you is expected to remain unchanged; although as warned in September 2003 Frontpage and Publisher will no longer be available for installation as stand-alone products, only as part of an Office Program Suite.

3. Apple Volume Licensing for OSX

The Apple Volume Licence Programme allows you to purchase multiple licenses for the latest version of OS X, together with the number of media kits that you require for your implementation.

Pricing is in tiers 10 - 99, 100 - 999 and 1000+. Apple has recently agreed that all orders received from the University of Oxford will be priced at the 1000+ band such that each unit of the University can now buy as many or as few copies of OS X as they require at the best volume price.

The above link gives details of the scheme and purchasing arrangements, which are to be made directly with the Apple Higher Education Store.

The pricing at 14th March 2006 was £ 24.68 per licence and £9.35 per media set, which compares favorably with the box pack price of £ 50.00 (all prices quoted ex vat)

Orders should be marked for the attention of David Renton to ensure correct pricing, Osiris users please note that this supplier is "Apple Computers UK Ltd"

David Renton Higher & Further Education Sales Executive, Apple Computer Ltd Holyhill Industrial Estate, Holyhill, Cork, Ireland.

Tel: 0800 912 0207 x 88378; Fax: 0800 912 7760; E-mail:

4. Maple

Students are currently offered copies of Maple free of charge, this is funded via an annual add-on rental payment, funded centrally, to the site licence for Maple which is itself funded by departmental and college contribution.

A number of colleges and departments are unaware that the continued existance of the site licence is vital to the continuation of free of charge student usage.

Those colleges and departments whose students make use of Maple are thus encouraged to join the shared Maple licence, which would allow you to use Maple on your college and department owned computers either strand-alone or via a network.

Details can be seen on the full list of software at:

5. Microsoft Distribution Media

Microsoft have informed us that our distribution kit for products used under Select and Campus will be changed to DVD rather than CD from late 2006. The first products being released in this way would be Windows Vista and Office 2007.

This change would mean that any new products or new versions of existing products that you obtain from the Computing Services Shop would be on DVD and thus you would need a DVD drive on your PC, it would not effect existing products.

There would be a cost saving in that the DVD distributions will arrive on fewer disks than the CD version. If however you need a CD distribution of a particular product it will be possible for it to be purchased from our Microsoft supplier.

Microsoft will be giving us an opportunity to remain with CD distribution only, at some point during May, if you know of a particular reason to do this that we might have overlooked please let us know at

6. Nvivo

Colleagues in the Law faculty maintain an annual software rental for Nvivo, details of which can be seen at

If you already subcribe to this rental or have a possible interest then you are encouraged to join the mailling list, by sending a blank email to: so that you can be kept up to date with contract developments.

7. Software Licensing from OUCS

Software licensing is looked after by the Shop, Software Licensing and Media Services section of the TSS group within OUCS.

Please direct queries relating to licensing issues via email to and sales issues to both of which are serviced by the Request Tracker system at OUCS.

Information relating to software products and licences is sent via email to all registered IT Support Staff and to the software-announce mailing list.

The Software-announce mailing list is used to announce important changes in our software agreements. To subscribe to the software-announce mailing list, send a message to

The Software-discuss mailing list can be used by you to give your views on software agreements, to say what programs you are interested in and what you would like to see available. To subscribe to the software-discuss mailing list, send a message to

A full list of products and prices is available from the Shop Price List

Details of our software agreements can be viewed from the Software Agreements page

The Home page for Site Licensing can be viewed at Licensing Home Page