The following information lists the terms of the licence for the software that IT Services distribute under the various Eduserv and other agreements. Many of the software products are covered by the Eduserv Standard Software Licence, even if they are not administered by Eduserv. The Eduserv software agreements are also covered by the General Licence Conditions which should be read in conjunction with the Code of Conduct.

In all cases software is only licensed (subject to the terms below) for those that have an Oxford University card with their status given as one of the following:-

  • Congregation
  • University Staff
  • Retired Staff
  • Graduate (i.e. postgraduate student)
  • Undergraduate
  • Visiting Student
  • Recognised Student
  • College Staff
  • Departmental Staff
  • Academic Visitor

If you do not have one of these cards but think you may be eligible, please see the IT Services eligibility information for how to apply for a University card.

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