1.11. Microsoft Campus Agreement

For full details of the Microsoft Campus agreement details see mscampus.xml

The current Microsoft Campus Agreement runs from August to August each year. The products available under the Microsoft Campus Agreement are subject to the following Terms and Conditions of use:- The copyright in all products is owned by Microsoft. No attempt must be made to reverse-engineer, decompile or disassemble the software products. The products must not be exported to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia without the consent of the US Department of Commerce.

The products must not be lent, leased or rented to people outside the Agreement. All products are licensed by Microsoft and subject to the standard Microsoft Use Terms.

The Campus Agreement software is licensed as a single product. If a product is made up of components, the components must not be separated by running them on different computers, by upgrading them at different times or by transferring them separately.

Licences under the Campus Agreement are not perpetual and all copies of the Campus Agreement software must be deleted if the agreement is terminated (unless the buy-out option is taken out to make all licences perpetual).

The Campus Agreement products may be installed on any University-owned, College-owned or leased computer and accessed on those machines by all departments/colleges, staff and students. Certain Staff can obtain a copy of these products via the IT Services Shop or via the OnetheHub e-portal for use on their own computer under "work at home" rights. These copies must be deleted if the staff member leaves the employ of Oxford University. Please refer to mscampus.xml for more details.

The agreement requires that records be kept of all reproduction, distribution and use of the Campus Software Products. If any duplications are made of the CD-ROM media for departmental or college use please inform IT Services (software@it.ox.ac.uk). Media duplication for "work at home" rights is not permitted .The software included in the agreement is covered by full upgrade and downgrade rights.

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