1.5. EndNote Site Licence Agreement

The full terms for the EndNote Site Licence are listed under the Eduserv/ISI ResearchSoft agreement found on the Eduserv CHEST web pages.

The EndNote software under this agreement is for installation on University owned or operated machines only. Licences for personal copies, for installation on any machine not owned or operated by the University, must be purchased under the alternative scheme.

The licences are perpetual. The software installed at the end of the agreement may continue to be used with no updates or support, but no new installations can be made after the end date.

The software may be used by any employee, student or other persons authorised to do so for the purposes of the normal business of the University, whether or not they are located on the University premises. Such use of EndNote includes the following:

i) Teaching
ii) Research
iii) Personal educational development
iv) Administration and management of the business of the University
v) Development work associated with any of the above

General exclusions:

i) Consultancy or services leading to commercial exploitation of EndNote
ii) Work of significant benefit to the employer of students on industrial placement or part-time courses

Note: "Commercial Exploitation" is the use of Endnote for monetary gain either by the university or an authorised individual. Where Endnote is so used this must be a matter for written agreement between the University and ISI ResearchSoft. In (i) & (ii) above, ISI ResearchSoft may allow such use in return for acknowledgement of use of EndNote and/or for an agreed fee.

A full copy of the Eduserv code of conduct is available at Eduserv code of conduct

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