1.7. Hummingbird Connectivity Security Pack

This Hummingbird software package contains cryptographic algorithms and key management techniques, which are strictly enforced by Canadian (DFAIT, CSE) and United States (BXA) export controls, as below.

The Connectivity Security Pack, 128 bit strong encrytion received from Hummingbird Ltd will only be used by Oxford University and will not be re-exported without the authorisation of the appropriate government(s). The above mentioned product will only be used solely for:-

  • demonstration or evaluation of Hummingbird products
  • protection of University proprietary and/or internal communications
  • provision of network/crypto services at Oxford University

In particular, the purposes to which the product will be put are:

  • to provide access via character or graphical emulation across the above organisation's LAN or WAN

The above mentioned product will not be used for military purposes nor will it be used in any nuclear or missile proliferation activity, or in the design of chemical or biological weapons (broadly referred to as weapons of mass destruction - WMD), nor resold and/or exported to any entity involved in such activity. This software is also subject to the Eduserv code of conduct, see below under departmental copies.

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