1.12. Microsoft Select Agreement

This software is part of the Microsoft Select deal. The licences under this agreement are only available to departments and colleges (not to students or staff for personal use on their own machine). The licences may not be shared concurrently on different computers. You must acquire and dedicate a licence for each separate computer on which the software product is installed or run from a server. Concurrency is not available on Microsoft products.

For each copy of Microsoft Office Standard and Microsoft Office Professional, the primary user (who may be a member of staff but not a student user) of the Computer or similar device on which a copy of the software runs may also run a second copy, during the term of this agreement (including any renewals) for work related purposes only, from either a laptop or desktop computer that he or she owns or leases. All such copies must be deleted from all systems when the member of staff leaves the University or when the agreement ends.

This software is subject to the standard Microsoft "Product Use Rights" .

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