Oxford University provides computing facilities to all members. Some of these are centrally organized by OUCS, while others are available through Colleges and Departments. If you're new to Oxford, here are a few basic areas you might need to know about.

Welcome to IT web site
This is the best place to learn how to get started with IT at Oxford. It gives basic advice on all aspects of computing here at Oxford, including basic computer security, connecting to the network and where to get help when things go wrong.
The University's central email system is called Nexus. All new staff and students are registered automatically (details sent via your college or department). Once you have received your account details, you can need to activate the account and then you can read your email on the web. The Nexus email pages guide may be helpful.
Connecting Your Computer to the University Network.
Many College rooms, and some University libraries, have Ethernet connection points for linking to the Internet. The College IT officer will supply configuration details for college room connections.
Local Support
Almost all Colleges and Departments have local IT support, which should be your first point of contact.
Help from OUCS
OUCS runs an IT Help Centre at 13 Banbury Rd (map). It is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 20:30 except Bank holidays and occasional shut down days. See Help Centre section for more details.
Getting Software
A wide variety of software is available through OUCS. Some is site-licensed, some is price-discounted, and some is free. Some site-licensed software is available only for use on departmental machines. A full list is available on the Computing Services Shop web pages (Oxon connection required).
Services Requiring Registration

There are a number of services offered by OUCS that require new users to register before the facility is available to them. Some of these services are also only available to certain types of University members. Services requiring registration prior to access are:

Detailed information about these services can be obtained online by clicking each link above.

Single Sign-On accounts are provided automatically for all new staff and students when their University Card is issued. Details are automatically sent in the internal mail to users and accounts need to be activated with the details provided by visiting https://webauth.ox.ac.uk/activate/

A Single Sign-On account provides access to E-mail, the linux cluster and to personal web space, WebLearn and library resources.

Remote Access accounts (needed for access to the wireless service or use VPN) can be obtained by online self-registration.

Training in IT

The OUCS IT Learning Programme runs a large number of taught IT courses over each term. These are open to all members of the University. Courses are free but there is a charge for our course documentation.

We support IT training in various ways:
IT Courses
We have a wide range of taught courses each term. OUCS course material and exercises can be viewed via the ITLP Portfolio. Course materials are also available to buy from the Computing Services Shop.
The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is an internationally recognised IT literacy qualification and can be studied for at OUCS.
Technical Training
We have information on Technical Certification, Organisations and Institutes, and Technical Training Courses.
IT Support Staff Training
Courses for IT support staff are run regularly and are advertised through the IT support staff mailing lists and the IT support calendar.
Finding Information
OUCS web site contains lots of help information on many different computing topics. The A to Z listing gives links to all our site sections. We have also arranged our links into 'Topics' to facilitate users to find relevant sections. See the Topics section. Additionally the site search can also be used to find the information you need.