IT Services

Innovation Team

The innovation team was established by the Computing Services department to enable members of the University to give feedback on existing services (, and propose ideas for new developments.

The team will:
  1. Issue a University-wide call for suggestions twice a year
  2. Collate, analyse and provide feedback on ideas and comments submitted through the online suggestion box. (The suggestion box will be available throughout the year).
  3. Analyse the comments and ideas that have been submitted and make a decision on how best to respond.
The innovation team will respond to each submission by taking on of the following actions:
  1. Pass request for an enhancement to a service to the group that manage the service
  2. If the request requires substantial resources the team will prepare a formal project proposal that details the work that needs to be undertaken
  3. If the submission needs further analysis the department will find resources to undertake requirements gathering activities (conduct interviews, surveys etc)
It should be noted that the computing services department operates with finite resources, which means that in some cases the department will not be able to undertake any new work.

The Innovation Team will regularly publish its discussions and decisions which are available for all members of the University to read.