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  • Academic Services and University Collections Antonia Mansel-Long
    Admissions Office - Undergraduate Elizabeth Conoley
    African Studies Centre Marita Gillespie
    African Studies Centre Siobhan Coote
    Air Squadron Robert Rose
    All Souls College Paul Gardner
    Alumni Office Liz Anderson-Whymark
    Alumni Office Caroline Menlove
    Alumni Office Caroline Menlove
    Anthropology and Museum Ethnography Mark Franks
    Archaeology Institute Lidia Lozano
    Archaeology Research Laboratory Diane Baker
    Archaeology School Lidia Lozano
    Archives Simon Bailey
    Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology Jonathan Moffet


  • Balliol College Keeley Mortimer
    Balliol College Charlotte Williams
    Begbroke Directorate Louise Ingram
    Biochemistry Toni Gaughan
    Biomedical Services Susan Torrey
    Blackfriars Robert Gay
    Blavatnik School of Government Anne Wynne
    Blavatnik School of Government Joanna Stoneham
    Bodleian Chinese Studies Library Trevor Langrish
    Bodleian Japanese Library Izumi Tytler
    Bodleian Law Library Elizabeth Bird
    Bodleian Law Library Ruth Bird
    Bodleian Libraries Alison Gomm
    Bodleian Libraries Andy Barrett
    Bodleian Libraries Frankie Wilson
    Bodleian Libraries Jennie Brain
    Bodleian Libraries Karlene Brook
    Bodleian Libraries Kayleigh Walton
    Bodleian Libraries Larisa Roberts
    Bodleian Library Of Commonwealth and African Studies At Rhodes House Lucy McCann
    Botanic Garden Christine Frey
    Brasenose College Hilary Jones
    Brasenose College Sabina White
    Buddhist Studies, The Oxford Centre for Susan Gianni
    Business School Matthew Del Nevo


  • Campion Hall Sarah Twinn
    Cancer Epidemiology Unit Kathy Callaghan
    Cancer Epidemiology Unit Evelyn Sherry-Starmer
    Cancer Epidemiology Unit Hailey Avis
    Careers Service Phillip Richardson
    Catholic Chaplaincy Neil Bartlett
    Central Services Karen Brading
    Chemistry Sue Henderson
    Cherwell None
    Childcare Services Cath Ashbury
    Chinese Studies Rosanna Gosi
    Chinese Studies Thomas Hall
    Christ Church Sally Gillard
    Clinical Laboratory Sciences Linda Bennett
    Clinical Medicine- Tropical Medicine (CCVTM) Ed Gibbs
    Clinical Medicine- Jenner Institute Antoinette Moffa
    Clinical Medicine- Jenner Institute Antoinette Moffa
    Clinical Medicine-Vaccine Development (CCVTM, Jenner, CBF) Antoinette Moffa
    Clinical Medicine- Target Discovery Institute Genevieve Moffa
    Clinical Medicine- Cancer Epidemiology Unit (RDB) Isobel Lingard
    Clinical Medicine- Centre For Clinical Immunology (JR) Jo Hovard
    Clinical Medicine- Clinical Division Jo Hovard
    Clinical Medicine- Experimental Medicine Division Jo Hovard
    Clinical Medicine- Experimental Medicine Division, NDM Gastro Unit Jo Hovard
    Clinical Medicine- Experimental Medicine Division, NDM Geratology - Optima Jo Hovard
    Clinical Medicine- Experimental Medicine Division, NDM Peter Medawar Building Jo Hovard
    Clinical Medicine- Experimental Medicine Division, Oxford Respiratory Trials Unit Jo Hovard
    Clinical Medicine- Medical Tutor (JRH) Jo Hovard
    Clinical Medicine Karen Valentine
    Clinical Medicine- Tropical Medicine (CCVTM) Lois Nicholas
    Clinical Medicine- Structural Genomics Consortium (NOC) Scott Thomson
    Clinical Medicine- Structural Genomics Consortium (NOC) Stefania Bocchi
    Clinical Medicine- Nuffield Department of Medicine-Strategic Stephanie Gluth
    Clinical Neurosciences, Nuffield Department of Fanni Bartanics
    Clinical Neurosciences, Nuffield Department of Valerie Fouracre
    Clinical Neurosciences, Nuffield Department of Helen Oldham
    Clinical Psychology Maxine Pribyl
    Clinical School IMSU Terry Campton
    Clinical Trial Service Unit Jamie Cameron
    Clubs Committee Caroline Barnes
    Computer Science, Department of Brenda Deeley
    Computer Science, Department of Jennie Charlton
    Computer Science, Department of Manu Apostolidis
    Computer Science, Department of Sharon Lloyd
    Conference of Colleges Secretariat Rita Rattray
    Conference Oxford Matthew Morgan
    Continuing Education Hollie Coe
    Continuing Education Library Susan Pemberton
    Corpus Christi College Rachel Pearson
    Council Secretariat Martina Harley
    Criminology, Centre for Sarah Parkin


  • Development Office Ellysia Graymore
    Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism Charlotte Crushing
    Disability Advisory Service Hannah Torrie
    Distance and Online Learning Carly Sula
    Doctoral Training Centre Sam Miles


  • Earth Sciences Ashleigh Hewson
    Economics Caroline Wise
    Education Committee Mari Mitchell
    Education Library Sophia Staves
    Education, Department of Erica Oakes
    Energy Studies Susan Millar
    Engineering Science Sukarni Wheeler
    English Faculty Kahli Hedrick-Romano
    English Faculty Library Susan Usher
    Enterprise and the Environment, Smith School of Amanda Diener
    Equality and Diversity Unit Caroline Kennedy
    e-research centre Kay Sutton
    Estates Services George Newman
    Estates Services Sharon Mitchell
    Europaeum Dr Paul Flather
    European and Comparative Law Jenny Dix
    European Humanities Research Centre Dr A Byford
    Ewert House Lyn Davis
    Exeter College Alison Dight
    Experimental Psychology Karen Nobes


  • Facilities and Services Karen Brading
    Farmington Institute Jonathan Boucard
    Field Station Phil Smith
    Finance Division Paula Chambers
    First Aid Unit Telephone co-ordinator


  • Geography and the Environment, Centre for Joe Milkovic
    Geography and the Environment, Centre for Jeannie Scott
    Graduate Admissions and Funding Sian Haynes
    Green Templeton College Hilary Binks
    Griffith Institute Cat Warsi


  • Harris Manchester College Daniel Knowles
    Harris Manchester College Jonathan Boucard
    Health Care Libraries Frances Khouri
    Health Care Libraries Cesar Lourenco Cheicho de Pimenta
    Hebrew and Jewish Studies Annabel Young
    Hebrew and Jewish Studies Lucinda Yates
    Hertford College (lodge) David Haxell
    Hertford College Jill Symons
    Higher Education Policy Institute Bahram Bekhradnia
    Higher Education Policy Institute Jean Harrison
    Hindu Studies Shaunaka Rishi Das
    History Faculty Joseph Lowe
    History Faculty Library Isabel Holowaty
    History of Art Rachel Woodruff
    History of Medicine Belinda Michaelides
    History of Science Museum Administrator
    History of Science Museum Christina Lee
    Human Genetics Christine Webb
    Human Genetics Marta Guderska
    Human Genetics Paula McDonald
    Human Genetics Peter Cann
    Humanities Division Julia Marshall


  • Interdisciplinary Area Studies Sarah Dewick
    International Development Luci Cummings
    International Development Penny Rogers
    International Strategy Hattie Moody
    International Strategy Regula Dent
    Internet Institute Emily Shipway
    Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies Brooke Martin-Garbutt
    Isis Innovation Nissar Mohammed
    Islamic Studies Simon Hannigan
    IT Services- Blue Boar Court Amy Thomas
    IT Services-Wellington Square Carol Steels
    IT Services- Banbury Road Jacqui Milward
    IT Services-Hythe Bridge Street Jo Wilby
    IT Services- Hythe Bridge Street Karen McGlynn
    IT Services-MPU Lisa Wiggins
    IT Services- Hythe Bridge Street Louis Brown


  • Japanese Studies Jane Baker
    Jesus College Karen Tarrant


  • Keble College Nicholas French
    Kellogg College Cre Tonks


  • Lady Margaret Hall Bart Ashton
    Lady Margaret Hall Helena Beveridge
    Language Centre Christine Mitchell
    Latin American Centre Elvira Ryan
    Latin American Centre Library Frank Egerton
    Law Faculty Caroline Norris
    Legal Practice Christine Pollard
    Legal Services Jeanette Ferguson
    Legenda/Oxford German Studies Graham Nelson
    Linacre College Rebecca Waterman
    Lincoln College Rachel King
    Linguistics and Philology Kate Dobson


  • Magdalen College Marilyn Evans
    Maison Francaise Mathieu Trouve
    Man Institute, Oxford Alison Broadby
    Mansfield College Jane Buswell
    Martin School Laura Lauer
    Materials Rebecca Bradford
    Mathematical Institute Margaret Dawes
    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Barbara Pedley
    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Julie Hutchence
    Medical Sciences Office Maria Kendall-Belcher
    Medieval and Modern Languages, Faculty of Hayley Morris
    Medieval and Modern Languages, Faculty of Nicola Gard
    Medieval Latin Dictionary Richard Ashdowne
    Merton College Sally Hague
    Messenger Service Lisa Hofen
    Molecular Medicine Linda Barlow
    Music Faculty David Hyland
    Music Faculty Thomas Moore
    Music Faculty Library Martin Holmes


  • National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit Felicity Green
    Natural History Museum Wendy Shepherd
    New College Chris Conway
    New Dictionary of National Biography Laura Dawkins
    Nuffield College Claire Bunce


  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology Lesley Cockrem
    Obstetrics and Gynaecology Tom Ibbotson
    Obstetrics and Gynaecology Oliver Collins
    Occupational Health Service Paula Lyne
    Oncology Amanda Chapman
    Oncology Winnie Barlow
    Oriel College Dave Hart
    Oriel College Solomon Young
    Oriel College Zamin Ahmed
    Oriental Institute Elizabeth Cull
    Oriental Institute Library Dr Dinah Manistry
    Oriental Institute Neelum Ali
    Orthopaedics,Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences Angela Truesdale
    Orthopaedics,Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences Paul Fox
    OUEM Ltd Katie Lewis
    Oxford Learning Institute Keziah Martin
    Oxford Learning Institute Luvena Wilson
    Oxford Union Susan Beveridge
    Oxford University Press Karine Pecheur


  • Paediatrics Alex Holmes
    Paediatrics- Childhood Cancer Research Group Janette King
    Pathogen Research Kathryn Sankey
    Pathology John Marriott
    Pembroke College Jane Richmond
    Personnel Services Andrea Hargreaves
    Pharmacology Carolyn Thakrah
    Philosophy and Theology Libraries Hilla Wait
    Philosophy and Theology Libraries Colin Cook
    Philosophy Centre Thomas Moore
    Phonetics Lisa Holligan
    Physics Bernard West
    Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Jane King
    Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics- Gene Function Philip Thornton-Evison
    Pitt Rivers Museum Cathleen Wright
    Planning and Resource Allocation Section Kristina Matthews
    Plant Sciences Roni Mcgowan
    Politics and International Relations Jason Hussain
    Population Health Roxanne Dorrington
    Population Health Stacey Bell
    Portuguese Language Centre Thomas Earle
    Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education Michael Bannon
    Primary Care Health Sciences Dawn Fraser
    Primary Care Health Sciences Jessy Morton
    Primary Care Health Sciences Mary Hodgkinson
    Primary Care Health Sciences Karen Gardner
    Proctors' Office Caroline Barnes
    Psychiatry Bridget Burchell
    Psychiatry Pam Taylor
    Public Affairs Directorate Bobbie O'Neill
    Purchasing Claire Seeley
    Pusey House Alexander Farquhar



  • Radcliffe Department of Medicine- Investigative Medicine Jo Hovard
    Radcliffe Department of Medicine Kathryn Smith
    Radcliffe Department of Medicine- Clinical Laboratory Services Linda Bennett
    Radcliffe Department of Medicine- OCDEM Lynne Scott
    Radcliffe Department of Medicine- WIMM Stella Keeble
    Radcliffe Science Library Kay Kelly
    Radiation Oncology and Biology Christel Turner
    Regent's Park College Fiona Floate
    Reprographic Service Robert Malloy
    Rhodes Trust Chloe Ogden
    Ripon College Cuddesdon Sophie Farrant
    Rothermere American Institute Jane Rawson
    Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art Bob Green


  • Sackler Library Elisabet Almunia
    Safety Office Diane Harris
    Sainsbury Library Michael Jackson
    Security Services Sushil Giddy
    Sheldonian Theatre Maggie Burge
    Social Policy and Social Work Gemma Sheppard
    Social Policy and Social Work Sharon Long
    Social Sciences Library Rebecca Sparkes
    Social Sciences Division Karen O'Brien
    Social Sciences Division Sarah Moore
    Socio-Legal Studies Katie Orme
    Sociology Jane Greig
    Somerville College Paul Francis
    St Anne's College Gillian Long
    St Antony's College Julia Cook
    St Antony's College Trevor Butler
    St Benet's Hall Maria Byrne
    St Catherine's College Jamie Keates
    St Cross Building George Newman
    St Cross College Bursary
    St Edmund Hall Linzi Brigden
    St Hilda's College Tom Anstey
    St Hugh's College Simon Wedge
    St John's College Nadine Hainge
    St Peter's College Alison Wiblin
    St Stephen's House Sue Keeling
    Statistics Emma Bodger
    Student Administration and Services Karan Fairley
    Student Administration Section Helen Symes
    Student Administration Section Olivia Thomas
    Student Union Karen Irving
    Student Welfare and Support Services Hannah Torrie
    Surgical Sciences, Nuffield Department of Gemma Horbatowski
    Surgical Sciences, Nuffield Department of Nick Baldwin


  • Taylor Institution Library Elisabet Almunia
    Telecommunications Alan Hillyer
    The Queen's College Anne Bevan
    Theology Faculty Elizabeth Macallister
    Trinity College Jennifer Cable


  • UCU Bernadette Wheeler
    University Church Ruth Rundle
    University Club Kishore Seegoolam
    University College Teresa Strike
    University Parks Angela Ford
    University Shop Donna Murphy
    University Sports Elaine Royle


  • Vere Harmsworth Library Jane Rawson
    Vice-Chancellor's Office Alison Bell
    Victoria History of Oxfordshire Simon Townley
    Voltaire Foundation Amanda Roe


  • Wadham College Jo-Ann Wheble
    Wolfson College Juliet Montgomery
    Worcester College David Roche
    Wycliffe Hall Kerstin Jeapes




  • Zoology Jason Hogg