Telecoms self-serviceMobile Oxford has been working on a project to allow users to manage their voicemail and update speed-dials on Cisco phones by using their SSO. Please visit to take advantage of the new features. The system allows you to login using your SSO and listen, delete, forward and mark 'read' your voicemails. Users with Cisco phones can also change the speed dials and other buttons. Any user whose phone number is not found should contact their telephone co-ordinator in the first instance to add their SSO username to their telephone record. For issues, contact Telecoms:
Teleconferencing serviceTelecommunications have recently launched a new teleconferencing service. This service runs on internal equipment and therefore there are no extra call charges and any recordings are kept internal to the university. Bookings and monitoring of the conference is done via the web.
Voicemail server changeoverOn Tuesday 16 October we will bring online the new voicemail servers. This hardware has been running in parallel for over three months with early adopters. To now move all users onto the new servers we need to basically do a backup and restore to the new cluster. This will involve downtime for the voicemail boxes and those areas that use scripts. During this time you will be unable to access your mailbox and it will not take messages. Messages already left will not be lost. It will not be possible for anyone calling non-DDI numbers to call the usual 01865 280000 number, which will affect anyone from outside calling student numbers. We expect that this work should take no more than an hour from 7am, but the service may be at risk till 9am. Any issues and we will abort and stay on the old cluster. Please call 88888 or email if you have any queries.
Issues with short double ring or message waiting lightIf your phone is ringing every so often with a short double ring or the message waiting light is lit up even though you don't have voicemail, please email with the extension number and the helpdesk will get that removed for you.
Pin changes to voicemailAll voicemail boxes will be required to set a strong PIN for a user to retrieve messages or make changes. We have heard much in recent months about 'phone hacking' that it is now becoming common knowledge how easy it can be for hackers to access a person's voicemail. Since voicemail can be accessed remotely, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to keep voicemail secure and private. With this in mind, Telecoms is instituting a stronger security setting for retrieving voicemail messages. All voicemail boxes will require a PIN for a user to retrieve messages or make any changes to their voicemail settings. All PINs will be as strong as we can easily enforce without causing too much disruption. A PIN is six numeric characters but we will have a simple validation technique to attempt to block users from setting what we would deem as a weak PIN. E.g. all one single digit like 444444 or consecutive digits forward or backwards like 123456, 3456789, 098765 or including the mailbox number itself will not be allowed like 288661 (extn 88661) or 273205 (extn 73205) or 886612 or 732051. A message will be sent out to you beforehand to alert you to the change to your voicemail box as an announcement and reminder. You will still be able to access your voicemail box in the normal way but if you either do not have a PIN or it is deemed to be insufficiently secure, then the system will ask you to create/change to a stronger PIN. Please contact the Telecoms Helpdesk (14999 or email us) for assistance.