If you have changed your handset and a fault persists please fill in the fault report form or call the Telecommunications Helpdesk on extension 88888 quoting the following information:

Extension Number If in doubt then call extension 70000 and ask the University Operator for the number that you are calling from.

Line Jack (Socket) Number - Check the label on the socket. Look for the information after 'LJU' or 'Line Jack'. You may see a letter such as G, F, S or T then a number or a prefix such as FQS or MQF then a number. Newer Line Jacks are usually a series of numbers with dots between them.

Location of Line Jack We need to know the name of the building. We also need a floor and room number or a staircase and room number (if you are in a college).

Nature of the fault Try to be as specific as possible. Some common faults are bell not working, no dial tone, noisy line, one way transmission, unable to recall, dropping out or crossed lines.

Access to location Please tell us how an engineer can gain access to your room. If you are not going to be around arrange with a colleague or porter to let the engineer in. The engineer may not need to do this but it will help us if we have this information anyway.

We aim to rectify faults within two to three days of the original report, however during busy periods (such as the start of a new term) this may be longer. Please feel free to call the Telecommunications Helpdesk on extension 88888 for an update on your particular fault.


If your extension is attached to a patch panel please refer to your IT Officer in the first instance.

Make sure you are plugged directly into the line jack (socket) and not via an extension lead or dual adapter.

If there is more than one handset with the same number make sure you have checked both or all of them.